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Transportation Services

Kanalink offers a wide variety of transportation solutions so that we can help you find your perfect fit when shipping your product.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves
Transport Trucks Parked On Dock

Refrigerated / Temp Control / Fresh Frozen

Through our carefully hand-picked carrier partners, we're able to offer you refrigerated and temp controlled transportation options. With the many products the cannabis industry has to offer (edibles, clones, dry goods, etc.), Kanalink will make sure it gets there safely and securely. 


Cannabis Specific Insurance

We offer +1 million dollars in cannabis cargo insurance per shipment, be confident that your product is protected. Too many brokers/carriers out there say they have cannabis insurance when they don't, make sure you do your due diligence to confirm with their insurance broker that they can cover cannabis. Protect your product and your wallet!


International Cannabis Transportation Solutions

Through our numerous international transportation partners, we're able to offer LP's a one stop shop for all your cannabis shipping needs. Whether it's packaging material, clones or cannabis - we can help!


Premium Customer Experience

Here at Kanalink we value our customers experience. With quick reply emails and after hour service, you'll be confident your shipment is in great hands. No matter the news, we're here to let you know before your client knows - if you look great, we did our job.

Forest Path

Let's Work Together

Start shipping with cannabis experts, our team has been shipping for the cannabis space since legalization. When it comes to strict appointment times, temperature sensitive commodities and much more - we've got you covered.

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